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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

As a soft tissue therapist and movement specialist, I cannot control what motivates initially a person to ask for my services, as also I cannot control my client’s diligence with their home assignments.

I do my best to objectively assess and evaluate the problem, provide guidance and some motivation to trust the process…that process where from a histological, biological and neurological perspective takes time and specific force inputs to optimize the tissue healing and reverse degeneration.

I can help priming tissue micro environment through manual therapy and training inputs and alter beneficially the turnover of new tissue, acting on intra and inter muscular fibrotic areas, blocking degeneration and promote healing. Help rehabilitate or increase joint ROMs to allow more capsular space and joint workspace, ultimately having a better life pain free!

“You know, entropy is associated thermodynamically, in systems involving heat, with disorder. And in an analogous way, information is associated with disorder, which seems paradoxical. But when you think about it, a bit of information is a surprise. If you already knew what the message contained, there would be no new information in it.”

cit. James Gleick



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