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Why Choosing Effective Motus


      If I want to eat healthier, I don’t create a diet for myself by watching YouTube videos; I consult a certified nutritionist.

     If I need mental support, I don’t listen Tony Robbins' motivational speeches; I go to a psychologist or a similar certified provider.

      If I want to move better, be pain-free, and maximize my body's potential, I don’t just download a random training program from the internet; I seek guidance from a movement specialist to assess my joints and muscles' capacity and planning accordingly, based on my current physical state.

Monica Lita is an accomplished movement specialist and manual therapist, holding a Master's degree in Sports Science and Physical Education, graduated with a sports merit scholarship. She is a state-licensed and nationally attested massage therapist, full-body certified provider for Functional Range Systems™, as well as an official Italian Federal Karate (Olympic Karate Style) coach. Her extensive knowledge and expertise enable her to guide individuals effectively in optimizing their physical performance. Monica’s background includes as well:


   - a successful 23-year career as a karate practitioner and competitor with numerous titles, including 11 National Romanian Champion titles, 3rd place at the World Championship, and Italian Vice Champion.

   - pursuing her passion for athletic training through teaching and coaching karate, strength and conditioning and various other sports in schools, juvenile prisons, fitness facilities, personal training services, and as a School Educator Specialist for the Italian Olympic Committee.


   - commitment to ongoing professional development through annual Continuing Education courses and seminars.

Monica's business, Effective Motus, embodies the essence of Effective, Efficient, and Productive Movement, reflecting the outcomes clients can expect from her personalized treatment and mobility training plans. These results encompass pain-free movement and reduced soft tissue restrictions, improved overall health, strength, and flexibility, faster return to physical activities post-injury, post-surgery, or long term inactivity.

Objectively, Monica's tailored plans strive to enhance articular range of motion and control, strengthen joint and soft tissue capacity across multiple ranges of motion for increased freedom of movement, optimize the quality of neurological communication between the body's structures and the Central Nervous System ultimately reducing pain and discomfort.

Functional Range Systems™, the specialized product offered by Effective Motus, has already been implemented by top athletes and professional athletic teams worldwide. NASA, NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and strength coaches are utilizing this model for assessment, manual therapy, and training. 


Drawing inspiration from various scientific fields such as biophysics, molecular biology, mechanical biology, physical chemistry, physiology, biomechanics, systems biology, evolutionary and developmental biology, Functional Range Systems™ offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach specifically adapted for clinicians, manual therapists, and trainers to facilitate objective decision-making for their clients' treatment plans. To learn more about the system and find a certified provider near you, please visit

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