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Why Choosing Effective Motus


      If I need to eat healthier, I don’t create myself a diet watching YouTube videos; I go to a certified nutritionist.

     If I need mental support, I don’t listen Tony Robbins motivational speakings; I go to a psychologist doctor or similar certified provider.

      If I need to move better, pain free and maximize my body potential, I don’t just download from internet a random fancy training program; I seek for a movement specialist to guide me, to assess first my joints and muscles capacity and planning gradually, accordingly to my present physical state, otherwise I will experience soon or later multiple injuries.

      Monica Lita is a movement specialist and manual therapist; State licensed and Nationally attested massage therapist, full body certified provider for Functional Range Systems ™️, official Italian Federal Karate (Olympic Karate Style) Coach. 

      Monica has graduated in Sports Science and Physical Education thanks to a sport merits scholarship. She started as a karate practitioner and competitor when just a child and continued competing nationally and internationally for over 23 years, achieving many titles in Romania and Italy later on her professional athletic career. Her palmarès includes 11 titles as National Romanian Champion, 3rd place at World Championship, Italian Vice Champion, etc. She continued to pursue her passion for athletic movement by teaching/coaching karate and other sports in schools, juvenile prison, several fitness facilities, personal training services for Technogym Company, School Educator Specialist for the Italian Olympic Committee, also following multiple annually  specific Continuing  Education seminars. 

Monica has named her business project Effective Motus (meaning Effective/Efficient/Productive Movement) with the intent to communicate the outcome, what clients will experience after following  her personalized treatment and mobility training plans. Subjectively the outcomes may be just moving without pain or decreased soft tissue restriction, feeling healthier, stronger  and more flexible, simply returning practicing physical activities as soon as possible after injuries, surgeries or long time inactivity. Objectively the outcomes are an increased and/or controlled articular range of motion, joint and soft tissue strength capacity in various ranges of motion so more degrees of freedom expression, good quality afferent/neurological information coming from our body structures (intra/extra articular, muscular, tendinous, ligamentous) to the Central Nervous System, etc.

      Athletes may choose Functional Range Systems™️, the niche product the Effective Motus offer, to build new physical prerequisites necessary to enhance performance overall or for a specific skill and sport gesture (I.e. baseball pitchers or rock climbers choosing to express additional power, force, endurance at length and at extreme joint End-range, maybe only one line of a tissue muscle or a multi-joint line of tissues that are involved in a specific repetitive arm gesture). 

This approach to assessment, soft tissue manual therapy and training is following an unbiased scientific thought process based only on evidence and ultimately adapted for clinicians, manual therapists and trainers in order to make objective decisions for their client’s treatment plans.

The Functional Range Systems™️ has been inspired by many different scientific fields as: biophysics, molecular biology, mechanical biology, physical chemistry, physiology, biomechanics, systems biology, evolutionary and developmental biology, etc. We encourage to visit for additional information about the System and looking out for a certified provider closer to you.

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