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Soft Tissue Manual Therapy

Functional Range Release

Functional Range Release (FR) is a hands-on myofascial release technique designed to reach deep anatomical structures by layering muscles and connective tissues. FR promotes fiber directionality and the necessary time under tension to prime tissue changes, gradually and safely increasing load-bearing capacity. Rooted in scientific evidence from various fields, FR emphasizes the importance of myofascial force transmission principles, mechanotransduction, cellular environment, anatomical continuum, and motor variability. By considering these factors, FR in clinic session combined with home specific training setups help to recover and prevent injuries, decrease tissue inflammation, and the accumulation of abnormal fibrotic tissue, ultimately optimizing musculoskeletal health and performance. To address specific areas of pain or discomfort in your body, book this specialized service. In addition to the targeted treatment provided, you will receive a personalized home program to further support your recovery and maintain the progress achieved during the session.

Sports and Orthopedic Massage Therapy 

Monica offers a distinctive, science-based massage technique that targets deeper tissues by skillfully layering muscles. By decompressing superficial tissues to work on specific deeper areas, clients experience a pain-free and more effective long-term treatment.


Combining therapeutic expertise, past competitive athletic experience, and an in-depth understanding of human body function and anatomy, Monica has developed this unique massage technique to optimize tissue treatment. Her approach maintains specific fiber directionality, dedicates the necessary time, and applies proper force inputs and joint leverages to induce cellular-level tissue changes.


It is essential to note that Monica's technique differs from the traditional spa massage approach, which typically involves static, superficial gliding and top-down compression. Instead, her dynamic technique targets joints and tissues from deep to superficial layers, utilizing cream only when addressing superficial tissues. Book this service for regular full-body maintenance to ensure optimal musculoskeletal health and performance. Please note that a home program is not included with this service, as it focuses primarily on in-session treatment and upkeep.

Stretching Therapy

Full-Body Active Stretching Therapy, performed on a table, is suitable for everyone, ideally without any diagnosed orthopedic conditions. This therapy is designed to help down-regulate muscle tone, improve the neurological feedback (afferent/efferent information) mechanisms from capsule joints, connective tissues, and muscles. 


Stretching Therapy can also slightly increase ranges of motion by influencing muscle spindle behavior, promoting circulation, and aiding in post-activity recovery, such as after long runs, hikes, sports competitions, or extended periods of travel. There are no age contraindications, but verbal feedback from the client is necessary. Please wear comfortable gymnastics clothing for this service; we can provide shorts or pants if needed.

Training Services 

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Functional Range Conditioning  FRS-Internal Strength Model

Training with Functional Range Systems principles extends beyond conventional strength training approaches. FRC and FRS-ISM adhere to simple, logical rules governing human body function by first targeting deep tissues such as joint capsules, connective tissues, and small rotational muscles closely connected to the joints. These deep tissues are highly innervated and serve as crucial communicators between joints and the nervous system.


FRC® employs various joint leverage positions and movement exercises to enhance active mobility. By systematically expanding the body's ranges of motion, FRC® teaches the nervous system to control strength within these newly acquired ranges, optimizing overall performance and musculoskeletal health.

Resistance Strength Training 

Resistance training is a type of exercise designed to enhance muscular strength, endurance, and conditioning. This training method engages muscles, joints, and connective tissues by employing various forms of resistance, such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, rubber bands, suspension trainers, pull-up bars, or even one's own body weight working against gravity. Through targeted movements and exercises, resistance training effectively improves overall physical performance and health.


Workshop/Practical Class On Demand 

This workshop it will be crafted for client's needs and sport specific.  

The class involves different combinations of ground and standing movements, executed statically or dynamically, addressing single or multi joint setups. The intent is to teach the athletes how to differentiate muscular tension from connective tissue tension, the importance of training joints capacity, how  to gain access to tissues, build tissue resilience, improve the neurological strength output and recruit as many motor neurons, ultimately to transfer for their sport specific skill acquisition and practice. 

This class is perfect for single sport teams (baseball, softball, soccer, hokey, basketball, etc.) or power lifting, golf, running, yoga, dance, martial arts club practitioners. 

Full Body Joints Assessment 

Functional Range Assessment

Functional Range Assessment (FRA) is a highly precise, scientific system that provides objective measurements of an athlete's movement capacity for each joint. As a baseline measurement tool, FRA offers accurate and realistic information about an individual's current joint movement capabilities. It has been increasingly adopted by elite athletes worldwide as an investigative and monitoring system to track performance improvements and better understand the effectiveness of in-season and off-season training programs.


FRA allows athletes, coaches, and trainers to identify and address potential limitations in their training regimen and incorporate sport-specific tissue training to avoid plateaus and ensure continuous performance enhancement at the competition level. This comprehensive approach enables athletes to maximize their potential and maintain peak performance throughout their careers.

In depth information

Online Services 

Kinstretch Online 

KINSTRETCH is a cutting-edge movement enhancement system designed to develop maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion. This unique training system sets itself apart by incorporating a self-assessment component that enables individuals to monitor their own bodies for potential dysfunction, pain, performance loss, or increased risk of injury. 


The KINSTRETCH system empowers users to optimize their physical performance and well-being by promoting a deep understanding of their unique movement patterns and needs. To learn more about this innovative product and how it can benefit you, please contact us for further details.

Therapy/Training Online 

Remote services have become increasingly accessible, making it easier for clients who live far away to access our expertise. However, providing these services requires a greater effort from the therapist/trainer, including gathering objective information and personalizing the treatment or training program as much as possible. An initial step for remote treatment or training involves a crucial assessment to minimize guesswork and subjectivity despite the distance. A follow-up FRC session is highly indicated where we explain and practice the program together. We prioritize human connection and interaction; thus, we do not send PDF programming without it, even if conducted remotely. 

Packages and Gift Certificates 

Our wide range of services and products make perfect gifts for friends, family, and colleagues who are passionate about optimizing their physical capacity and overall well-being. Consider giving the gift of improved health and wellness by purchasing a package or gift certificate.  See packages and Gift Certificates available 

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