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Soft Tissue Manual Therapy

Functional Range Release

Functional Range Systems® is considered to be one of the most effective approach for assessment, treatment, and training of the musculoskeletal system. High level athletes around the world are starting integrating their programs with this system of soft tissue therapy and training to improve tissue quality and load bearing capacity, ultimately improving skill and performance at competition level. 

Functional Range Release (FR), the treatment part of the system, is a hands-on myofascial release technique, is crafted to reach deep anatomical structures by layering muscles and connective tissues, is promoting fibers directionality and the necessary time under tension with the intent to prime tissular changes, gradually and safely increasing load tissue bearing capacity.


FR in combination with Functional Range Conditioning, the training part of the system, help improve joints function and reduce pain by acting on intrinsic and extrinsic articular innervation, helps decrease tension and localized tissue restriction, improve/accelerate cellular healing process, in time increase ranges of motion allowing more joint workspace. 

Functional Range Release has been modeled based on scientific evidence from different fields, is highly considering the importance of myofascial force transmission principles, mechanotransduction  and how is influencing the cellular environment, the  anatomical continuum, as well motor variability to prevent injuries, tissue inflammation or accumulation of abnormal/non-directional adhesive fibrotic tissue.

Massage Therapy 

Monica have a unique science based massage technique able to reach deeper tissues by layering muscles. Decompressing superficial tissues to work specifically on deeper areas will be pain free for the client and long term more effective. 

A combination of therapeutic expertise, past competitive athletic experience and knowledge about human body function and anatomy, Monica has crafted this massage technique to address the tissues as effective as possible, maintaining specific directionality of the fibers, spending the necessary time, using proper force inputs and joint leverages to prime tissue changes from a cellular perspective.

Please be aware this is not a classic Spa approach to massage, static, only gliding, compressing tissues top-down but a dynamic approach to target joints and tissues from deep to superficial in fact, cream is used only when addressing  superficial tissues.

Stretching Therapy

 Full body table active stretching, indicated for everyone, ideally without any diagnosed orthopedic condition. Stretching Therapy is meant to help down regulate muscle tone, improve the neurological feedback (afferent/efferent information) mechanism from capsule joints, connective tissues and muscles. Stretching therapy help increase slightly ranges of motion acting on muscle spindles behavior, promotes circulation and decompress after long running/hiking  activities, after specific sport competitions, long flights or car drivings or simply ongoing physical maintenance. There are no age contraindications, it is necessary a verbal feedback from the client. Wear gymnastics clothing for this service, eventually we provide shorts/pants.  

Training Services 

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Functional Range Conditioning  FRS-Internal Strength Model

Training with Functional Range Systems principles goes beyond what is a conventional approach to strength training. FRC and FRS-ISM are following simple and logic rules of how the human body is functioning by 

targeting first deep tissues like capsule joint, connective tissue, small rotational muscles in close connection with the joints. These deep tissues are also the most innervated tissues and act like tuners between joints and the Nervous System. 

FRC® uses a variety of joints leverage positions and movement exercises to aid increasing active mobility. It works by systematically expanding body's ranges of motion while simultaneously teaching the nervous system on how to control the strength in newly acquired ranges. 

Resistance Strength Training 

Resistance training is a form of exercise intended to increase muscular strength, endurance and conditioning. It involves exercising muscles, joints, connective tissues using some form of resistance that could be barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, rubber bands, suspension trainers, pull-up bars or even your own bodyweight working against gravity. 


Workshop/Practical Class On Demand 

This workshop it will be crafted for client's needs and sport specific.  

The class involves different combinations of ground and standing movements, executed statically or dynamically, addressing single or multi joint setups. The intent is to teach the athletes how to differentiate muscular tension from connective tissue tension, the importance of training joints capacity, how  to gain access to tissues, build tissue resilience, improve the neurological strength output and recruit as many motor neurons, ultimately to transfer for their sport specific skill acquisition and practice. 

This class is perfect for single sport teams (baseball, softball, soccer, hokey, basketball, etc.) or power lifting, golf, running, yoga, dance, martial arts club practitioners. 

Full Body Joints Assessment 

Functional Range Assessment

FRA is a precise, scientific, baseline measurements system 

that provides objective measures of an athlete movement capacity for each and every articulation. 

FRA provides realistic information about current joints movement capacities, it has been used lately by many elite athletes all over the world, as an investigative and monitoring system of measurements with the intent to lineup performance improvements, to better understand the effectiveness of an  in-season/off season training program as also what is best to incorporate in terms of sport specific tissue training in order  to avoid hitting plateaus and continuing improving performance at the level of competition. 

In depth information

Online Services 

Kinstretch Online 

KINSTRETCH is a movement enhancement system the develops maximum body control, flexibility, and USABLE ranges of motion.

Unlike many training systems, KINSTRETCH practice is complete with a self-assessment system allowing the ability to monitor your own body for dysfunction that may be causing pain, loss of performance, or that may be putting you at increased chance of injury.

For additional information about this product, please give us a call.

Packages and Gift Certificates 

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