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Why the low back hurts every morning you woke up!

Updated: Jun 1

Eccentric Neural Grooving / Pails and Rails specific for the thoracolumbar fascia!

As many studies has shown the TLF is highly innervated so more susceptible for lower back pain in absence of specific spine intervertebral disorders.

Mechanical tension as directional stress and strain is the only way to influence different types of collagen fibers in an extracellular matrix of TLF specific connective tissue.

This setup to influence pain receptors, prime healing process, improve protein synthesis and creating good quality tissues.

Execution ENGs

- ideally on a soft surface and not rigid as the ground or positioning the lumbar spine on a slightly higher level from the ground;

- while moving the knees towards pectorals need to constantly push the knees straight into hands or strap (like sun rays round type of force direction);

- a bolster under the sacrum will help keeping balance and not involving too much gluteal tissues;

- if any hips closing angle pain or discomfort, a yoga block will help maintaining an ideal joint angle and not exceeding the capacity;

- during the one leg rotational input, need to push laterally with the same side knee.

Execution Pails and Rails - this is the best option when acute phase of pain discomfort, finding the right lumbar angle flexion pain free and loading isometrically the progressive angle (thoracolumbar area) alternated with regressive angle (hip flexors).

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