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Every Marathoner/Ironman/Triathlete worse nightmare...Fibrotic collagenous formations!

Updated: Apr 14

My client, a marathoner, triathlete, and Ironman athlete, maintains a very impressive average weekly mileage due to his daily training demands. Repetitive movements inherent in these sports increase intra-articular work. Without a specific joint mobility program to handle such a significant volume of repetitive movements, the intra-articular workspace will decrease.

In this case, reduced hip and knee joint workspace limits the flow of active contractile forces within the hamstrings compartment, consistently targeting the same pattern of muscle fascicles and bundles of muscle fibers. When a joint loses the ability to move in different zones and the space between bones is reduced, force coordination and displacement become limited, altering myofascial force transmission. This can lead to changes in the architecture of intramuscular connective tissues at various depths (epimysium, perimysium, and endomysium).

Hitting the same lines of tissue repeatedly, without introducing variety, inevitably causes connective tissue deterioration and micro-fractures. If not properly rehabilitated, this can lead to chronic inflammation and abnormal fibrotic tissue deposition. Haphazard collagen fiber deposition and lack of directional fibers result in the absence of contractile units/sarcomeres, ultimately hindering force contraction.

Unfortunately, my client exhibits this condition. Upon Functional Palpation, multiple fibrotic tissue formations (1-2cm in size) were discovered along the muscle compartments, specifically between the epimysial spaces of the long head of the biceps femoris and the semitendinosus, spanning 2/4 proximal to 3/4 distal of the femur.

Currently, we are following the FRS Internal Strength Model principles for his in-person training and home assignments to improve the quality of these damaged tissues and increase strength (contractile capacity) necessary for his upcoming Ironman race and marathons before summer. #frsinternalstrengthmodel #frsknowledge #ironmantraining @functional_range_conditioning @functionalrangerelease

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