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Every Marathoner/Ironman/Triathlete worse nightmare...Fibrotic collagenous formations!

My client, a marathoner, triathlete and ironman athlete has to train daily with a very impressive weekly miles average. Repetitive movements for the nature of his sports will increase the intra-articular work. In absence of a specific joints mobility program to cope with such a huge amount of repetitive movements, the intra-articular workspace will decrease; In this specific case, less hip and knee joint workspace will decrease the variables of the flowing active contractile forces in the hamstrings compartment and will hit always same pattern of muscle fascicles and bundles of muscle fibers. If a joint loose the ability to move in different zones and the space between one bone and another is missing, the coordination and displacement of forces is limited, the myofascial force transmission is altered and this will lead to changes in the architecture of the intramuscular connective tissues at different depths (epimysium, perimysium endomysium). When always hitting same lines of tissues and lacking variety is inevitable that the connective tissue starts to deteriorate, micro fractures will occur and if not properly rehabilitate this will lead to chronic inflammation and abnormal fibrotic tissue deposition. Haphazard collagen fibers deposition and lack of direction in the fibers leads to absence of contractile units/ sarcomeres ultimately inability to produce force contraction. Unfortunately this is the case of my client, when Functional Palpation has been addressed, between epimysial spaces of the long head of bicep femoris and semi group has shown multiple fibrotic tissue formations (size between 1-2cm) along the muscle compartments, 2/4 proximal to 3/4 distal of the femur. Currently we follow the FRS Internal Strenght Model principles for his in-person training and home assignments with the intent to improve the quality of these specific damaged tissues and increase strength (contractile capacity) necessary for his imminent Ironman race and marathons before summer. #frsinternalstrengthmodel #frsknowledge #ironmantraining @functional_range_conditioning @functionalrangerelease

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