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Control Yourself Podcast by Dr. Andreo Spina. Ep. 26: Scar Tissue That I Wish You Saw

In this episode Dr. Spina sits down with Dr. John Saratsiotis Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Biochemist, and lead FRS instructor to discuss a controversial topic in the world of manual therapy and injury management, namely the topic of soft tissue Fibrosis. What is it? How does it form? How does it affect force transmission and the many misconceptions surrounding both its existence following injury as well as soft tissue management. We also cover related concepts including tissue directionality in the fascial system, the evolution of tissue healing in humans, what pain is and the role manual therapy plays in its management, and selection of appropriate therapeutic outcome measures. Complete with scientific references, this talk is a deep dive into the cellular understanding of fibrosis and how it effects human performance making it an important listen for Strength & Conditioning specialists and Manual Therapists alike.

Click here to watch the podcast video ➡️➡️

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