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Acromioclavicular joint injury - Grade 2 sprain

Updated: Apr 14

My client, an MMA fighter, experienced discomfort during punching and specific shoulder movements later in his rehabilitation after an injury.

As an FR practitioner, it's essential to assess the tissue after each session to understand how it responds to the prescribed soft tissue manual therapy and force profiles.

Attention to detail is crucial when working with high-level athletes who have specific performance goals, particularly post-injury and during rehabilitation.

Understanding when to change the type of force input to continuously challenge the tissues for their sport is vital.

Based on FRS-Internal Strength Model rules and principles, this program was designed to cater to his physical and performance needs. A detailed anatomical thought process was applied, focusing on fixing the clavicle at the acromial end and mobilizing/rotating the clavicular body from the sternal end, and vice versa.

By incorporating different shoulder and scapular positions, we were able to further increase the load-bearing capacity of the AC joint and associated ligaments.

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